Sports Beer

by DoGs

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released July 4, 2013

Written and Recorded by DoGs in the living room of two rented houses in Orlando, FL

Mixed and Mastered by Jon Markson ( at The Gallery Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Released on Doctor and Mechanic Recordings. (



all rights reserved


DoGs Orlando, Florida

Check out our self titled full discography out now on DaM Recordings!

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Track Name: Bully
Running til I puke out the words
That describe my
Negative reaction to the plans as you say my name even slower.
Compliment your cause
Say it even louder emphasize my flaws!

I buried it down
I covered it up
I took out the air
You shut the fuck up

Asking loaded question cause you think I'm not ready, bloated and inflated with the pressure you put on me. I'm immortal I'm a walking fake
Knowing I might end up in a fiery lake

I buried it down
I covered it up
I took out the air
You shut the fuck up

Dreams turn to plans
Plans turn to shit
Outsource our jobs
tape up our wrists

Picking at the scar cause it outlines my failures. Wishing I was stronger I would welcome the danger
Dangerously dodging all the punches you throw. Making you feel foolish cause I know that you know

I buried it down
I covered it up
I took out the air
You shut the fuck up
Track Name: Corsica
I wrote a song for you in Corsica!
It's where I went when you decided to stay
Away for hours months who measures time?
Nothing can ever stay the same.

Well you know me I feel left out
My broken brain the only sound
Well you made plans I guess that's fine
But I can't help it. I feel left behind

I know I shouldn't take it personal
I know your loyalty is true
You cannot breath too well in outer space.
I'm still an open oozing wound
Track Name: Sports Beer
Holding on to a dream
You're a 30 something living the life
Of a preteen.
Buying into the lie
You're just the bottom feeder in an established food supply

So what? We're burning out
We all get old, then die alone
So what? We're all strung out
On hopeful dreams, and vanity.

hide behind your glass eyes
It isn't easy criticizing ex-friends and their ex-wives
Responsible for what's mine
Started out as an idea
Now they're words that I stand by
Track Name: FDA
We are convinced we have a choice.
The outcomes only slightly differ.
Follow this path or you will die
Divide the group up, we all suffer

They'll feed you sugar til your liver's swollen,
diagnose and cut you open, profit from your pain.
Just when you find the actual solution,
you'll be so damn disillusioned you won't know who to blame.

I spent my twenties on a quest
trying to make sense of bullshit.
When everyone just plays along.
What can one man do to stop it.

An overmedicated herd
Of pleasure seeking sheep
(for slaughter)
We're all just slaves to our desires
Waiting with hands out for the feast.
(You're faceless)
Track Name: Measured Miles
Measure miles by the pavement
Seeing patterns in air vents
Wishing words weren't so force fed
Advertisements cloud my head
I'd complain but I'm too old
Eating dirt in my household
No one likes to be called out
covered mouth til I pass out

Or I'll

You thought that we would die without you
You hope that we'd come crawling back
We would of had a ceremony
But we moved on before all that

Distance helps you grow fond of
Silent moments use caution
I would hate to be famous
Police trying to frame us
Even though I'm filled with guilt
Break my legs and use two stilts
Change the number for my phone
Move into a new time zone
Track Name: Yearbook
Alone and lonely I'm lonesome and hoping you're feeling the same way
So isolated in prison I'm a prisoner of my rage

I don't mind the sun sometimes
I'll stare and curse til I go blind

Depressed pressure I'm under direct orders from my brain
Erratically I stumble through a yearbook full of names

Drunk and stupid, smart and sweet
So much better off your feet.

The dirty places I adore
You won't live inside me anymore
So bitter still so sore
You won't live inside me anymore
Track Name: Today I Found A Shark Tooth
She came to beach day with a crucifix in her hand.
After a couple drinks she lost it in the sand.

She wasn't thinking about natural attacks
The sky went purple just before the sun went black

I need a skin graft
I bent my spine
I need a mother fucking second of your time
You can't think clearly when you can't breath
These are not tricks when I'm not wearing any sleeves
Track Name: Hermit
I wanna grow my beard
Down past my waist
I wanna drink from a fountain
I live in fear of the taste

Live in isolation
Hide my secrets in my mouth
With every breath a planned escape
That I can't live without

I wanna stock pile ammo
But i don't need any guns
I keep a knife in my pillow
To kill my dreams when they're done

Take me out to pasture
Read a list of my mistakes
I don't need a phone call
Cause I'm already awake
Track Name: This Sucks!
This sucks!
Id rather bathe in salt without my skin
That's tough.
You grew up in a Russian orphanage

I'm sick of counting all things I've lost
but looking to the past won't move you forward
I'm skeptical of all the lies I've bought
Cause all these stupid questions make me think I'm things I'm not

Set fire to enemy strongholds
They burned up
Stole water make sure it's a mouthful
I'll speak out
Called out sick I can't always be helpful
You'll find out
The second bomb won't consider the fallout
Just touch down

There's no regret when it all burns down there's no remorse for your victims
You know better
You're no better
No second guessing no time for doubt no consequence for your action
You just finished
You're not finished