DoGs​/​Sweep the Leg - Split

by DoGs

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This is the DoGs side of the split. For the Sweep the Leg side go to:

For the entire split go to:


released November 1, 2013

Written and Recorded by DoGs in the living room of two rented houses in Orlando, FL

Mixed and Mastered by Jon Markson ( at The Gallery Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Released on Doctor and Mechanic Recordings. (



all rights reserved


DoGs Orlando, Florida

Check out our self titled full discography out now on DaM Recordings!

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Track Name: Bad Breath
Your bad breath only brings me bad news
your bad breath only brings me bad news
i'll take this awkward opportunity to prove
your bad breath only brings me bad news

When everything you said to me was just a lie
and every hour that I spent with you was just a waste of time
your motivations we're just greedy slimy spies
i should have seen it in your eyes.

With every sorry millisecond that I spend
Talking about the things I purchased on credit sign in pen
A simple ink and paper slavery contract
The complex debt won't be paid back

I'll choke down any physical attraction
I'll ingest any self destructive actions
I'll be the perfect specimen
I'm under glass when the microscope shatters
I spend my whole life fearing what comes after
Meaningless questions never end

Eventually your broken program will expire
Eventually you'll become worthless. you'll give up and retire
Someone as bad or worse just waits to take your place
The past repeats at the same rate
Track Name: Repressed
It's another hopeless case
of Being in control
Sign a lease and rent a place
Or buy and sell your soul

Wrap my scrapes and evaluate my brain
I don't need a chemical solution, give me silence, end the games
Break the chains, end the slavery contract
I can't take never ending back and forth I'm waiting to relapse

It's effective, give your dreams up
Raise a family
Tell your children that you love them
They can't smell your greed

Take a dose and close your eyes up
Now you'll get some rest
But remember when you're sleeping why you're so repressed
Track Name: Makin' It
Selling out your values for the promise of fame, said its the American dream
Watch your competition starve and choke on your dust, success at the expense of the team

Wallow I'm the sweet success
Swallow till there's nothing left
money as a sacrifice
money cause it feels alright

Violent, indifferent and probably sick, neglected you're a victim of crimes
Stunted by society and fears success it's easier to stand in a line

Power isn't everything
Till they start the questioning
Numbers see the tables turn
Opinions can be deafening

Realize we're all family
We gotta make sure everyone is free
To make a life and get the things they need.
To be a civilized society

I know I benefit and i live off the system even though its total bullshit
Every time my debit card is swiped a computer keeps a detailed record of it

Making sure my checks get cashed
Credit cards and booze and gas
Selfishly consume and eat
The other people's suffering
Track Name: Dead Broke
Id pay my bills but they're all past due because I'm dead broke
Show me the money was just something I said to be a dumb joke

I make excuses bigger failures
Hide the little victories
If we're being honest I say all these things So that you pity me

I've been feeling shitty about how I left your city in a cloud of smoke that smelled like cheap champagne
I'm in solitary, even though I wasn't guilty of the crimes that were committed in your name.

I would take you to bar just to see how sad you are but I'm dead broke
I have tried to justify or find a reason why you lie, but I could not

Jeff, you need to know
All these lies, will help you grow

How could you even say that?
My words hurt just as much as yours
How'd I get so important?
Every time I write a song it's war

I would analyze the lyrics to songs you never finished but I'm dead tired
And I tuned you out so fast because I'm having such a blast being a damn child